Sample Lessons for Online Private School Students

Dive deeper into the Pearson Online Academy curriculum and explore sample lessons at each grade level that help students gain the skills they'll need for life, work, and higher education.

Elementary School Sample Lessons

From dynamic text to videos and audio, lessons will speak to your child in a way that ignites their curiosity and helps them gain fundamental knowledge while they build social and emotional skills.


Middle School Sample Lessons

Our lessons provide more than knowledge. They use dynamic text, audio and videos to capture students’ curiosity and motivate them to explore the world around them. Plus, we infuse every lesson with social-emotional learning, helping your child develop the maturity they’ll need in high school and the world beyond.

High School Sample Lessons

From math to languages to our numerous electives, lessons engage students’ minds and encourage them to embrace life-skills like resiliency and adaptability. Your son or daughter won’t just meet the state requirements for graduation, they’ll enhance their emotional strength and critical thinking skills. Whether they want to go to college or start a job after high school, they’ll be ready to make the most of the opportunities ahead.

*Advanced Placement® is a registered trademark of the College Board. Used with permission.

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