Gifted and Talented Teachers for Private Elementary Schools

Pearson Online Academy’s gifted and talented instructional team is made up of certified teachers, many with advanced degrees. These dedicated instructors receive specific training in working with gifted and talented students, as well as ongoing professional development to enhance their skills and techniques in the virtual classroom environment. Teachers regularly collaborate and exchange ideas with their colleagues to develop best practices for keeping gifted and talented private elementary school students interested and helping them succeed academically, such as:

  • Accelerating or compacting lessons
  • Extending or enriching curriculum content
  • Increasing complexity
  • Encouraging discussion and higher-level thinking
  • Providing variety and choices of activities
  • Adapting plans to varied learning styles
  • Incorporating student interests
  • A personal connection

These dedicated educators know how to motivate and challenge exceptional elementary school students—even those who have been underachieving. Perhaps most important, they understand that while gifted students are cognitively advanced, they may also have unique emotional and social needs that differ from peers of the same age. Whether online, by phone, or in a real-time LiveLesson® session, teachers establish caring relationships with students and provide the skillful instruction, one-on-one attention, and encouragement kids need to succeed.

Teachers Say…

It’s my joy to challenge and strengthen the gifted and talented student though our robust curriculum and interactive LiveLessons. My favorite part is watching students mature and grow as learners as they seek to improve from constructive feedback. The students are encouraging of each other as they each discover the strengths and hardships of being gifted. I am humbled to be their teacher as each student brings something incredible to our class.
Cassie Pugh

Gifted and Talented Teacher