Gifted & Talented Program: Middle School

Gifted and talented students in our full-time private middle school program need new challenges to continue developing their strengths. Our gifted courses* for grades 6–8 strengthen higher-level thinking skills and are taught by teachers who are experts in their field. These courses include:

  • Language Arts
  • Literature
  • Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry
  • Science

“Twice-exceptional” full-time students who may be gifted in one subject but need special help in another, work with our gifted and talented team to create customized programs to address both strengths and challenges.

Full-Time Student Programs and Services

Beyond challenging, individual courses, full-time Pearson Online Academy students have access to an array of programs at our private middle school. These services support the gifted learner with dozens of clubs from robotics to chess, Personalized Performance Learning Plans geared to each student’s talents, and support from full-time licensed guidance counselors.

Identifying Gifted Students in an International Middle School

For full-time Pearson Online Academy students, parents or a teacher may nominate a student for enrollment in Pearson Online Academy’s gifted or talented program. In evaluating nominations to the program, Pearson Online Academy considers:

  • Aptitude and achievement test scores
  • Grades or previous academic performance
  • An individual portfolio of previous work
  • A prior school’s assessment

* Please speak with an admissions representative to discuss closing dates for Gifted and Talented course enrollment.