Pearson Online Academy Private School Tuition and Discounts

Pearson Online Academy is an accredited online private school offering affordable tuition payment options including monthly payment plans at 0% financing* and discounts for both full academic year and semester enrollment. Tuition listed below is for the 2021-2022 school year. Please contact one of our Admissions Advisors at 1-888-260-4159 or for further details on tuition and support.

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Full-Time Student Tuition and Fees

Your child’s tuition at Pearson Online Academy includes: 

  • Enrollment in online private school
  • A Personalized Learning Plan and access to our proprietary education management system
  • Instruction from highly qualified teachers who are experts in virtual learning
  • A rigorous, challenging curriculum and the use of all required course materials
  • Socialization through clubs and activities and message board
  • Ongoing support through a dedicated relationship manager, academic counseling, and technical support


Full Academic Year

Grade Level Tuition (USD) Pay in Full Discount
(Save 10%)
Lower (K–5) $5,050 $4,545
Middle (6–8) $6,600 $5,940
Upper (9–12) $7,700 $6,930

Semester (First or Second)

Grade Level Tuition (USD) Pay in Full Discount
(Save 5%)
Lower (K–5) $2,600 $2,470
Middle (6–8) $3,400 $3,230
Upper (9–12) $4,000 $3,800

Tuition Discount Programs*

At Pearson Online Academy, we pride ourselves on making an accredited private online education affordable for families. To see if you’re eligible, please speak with admissions advisors at 1-888-260-4159 .

  • Pay-in-Full Discount: For families enrolled full-time who pay in full for the school year, save 10% on tuition.
  • Multi-Child Discount: For families with two or more children enrolled full-time, save 5% on private school tuition for each household.
  • Military Discount: For military (with LES or DD-214 form), save 5% on full-time and 10% on part-time for each household.

Please note:

*Tuition and discounts are subject to change.

**Discounts cannot be combined. Please speak with an admissions advisor for more details.

Other Fees

  • Shipping Fees: For materials shipped outside of the continental United States and international locations, a shipping fee will be determined prior to completing enrollment.
  • Transcript Fees: There may be a nominal fee for additional copies of International Connections Academy or Pearson Online Academy official transcripts. Please see our transcript policy for more details.

Review Our Refund Policy for All Programs