Students Can Start Successfully After Day One

At Pearson Online Academy, there’s no need to wait until a new school year or a new semester starts to transform your child’s education. With attentive teachers and helpful resources, students can succeed in our online private school no matter when they begin.

A Personalized and Proven Catch-up Plan

When starting school, you and your student will work closely with his or her teachers to develop a plan to get on track for successful course completion.

Our program provides many resources to assist, including:

  • Easy access to teachers via secure WebMail and phone
  • Individual instruction from teachers when needed
  • Curriculum that can be customized to fit student needs and interests
  • Flexibility to adjust scheduling and deadlines with teacher approval
  • Around-the-clock online access to curriculum and learning materials
  • Recordings of the LiveLesson® class sessions your student has missed
  • Online educational tools and resources to support learning

Students must start from the beginning of the curriculum and are required to complete the full semester workload no matter when they start at Pearson Online Academy. However, teachers do work with students to determine what they may have already learned in their previous school.

Starting Strong When Beginning Late

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