Enrollment for 2021 summer school courses is now closed.

Please check back for updates on Summer School 2022.

Online Summer School Courses FAQs

What students are eligible to register for Pearson Online Academy summer school?

Any students who are interested in the summer school courses offered by Pearson Online Academy may register for a course or courses as long as they have completed the applicable prerequisites. Students do not need to have any previous affiliation with Pearson Online Academy or any other Connections Academy school in order to register for Pearson Online Academy summer school courses.

How much do Pearson Online Academy summer school courses cost?

Pricing for summer school courses can be found in our online store.

Are there discounts available?

All courses purchased with discounts must be conducted via phone. The website will not accommodate discounts nor will credit be given for courses purchased online.

  • Summer Smarts Family Plan Discount: Purchase two or more Summer Smarts courses and receive 10% off the total price.*
  • Pearson Online Academy and Connections Academy Student Discount: 10% off the total price for current students.*
  • Military Discount: 10% off the total price.*
  • Registration fee waiver: Taking a summer school course is a great way to try online learning before enrolling full-time. Students who take any summer school course are eligible for a $200 application fee waiver when they enroll as a full-time student with Pearson Online Academy.

* Discounts cannot be combined. Please speak with an admissions advisor for more details.

Can I get a refund of my course tuition?

Once the student has registered for a course or courses, no refunds will be made. Please read the official refund policy for details.

How do I know my high school will accept credit for courses taken at Pearson Online Academy?

Connections Academy school boards have agreed to accept Pearson Online Academy summer school credits according to their high school credit transfer policy as documented in the State-Specific Handbook Supplement.

If the student will be transferring credit from Pearson Online Academy to a non-Connections Academy school, the decision about whether to accept Pearson Online Academy summer school credits is wholly at the discretion of the school to which you hope to transfer the credits. We strongly recommend that you discuss with your school their transfer credit policy, and inform them about your plans to take a course or courses through Pearson Online Academy, prior to registering for an Pearson Online Academy summer school course. We suggest that you use the Credit Transfer Pre-Approval form to ensure that your counselor will accept these credits.

How much credit is each high school course worth?

All Pearson Online Academy courses are the equivalent of a one semester course and are worth one-half (.5) credit. Credit will be documented in an official Pearson Online Academy transcript. See above question for information about transferring credit to another school.

How many courses may my student register for?

A summer school course load is limited to a maximum of 4 half credit courses (or 2 full high school credits) per student.

How much time should my student expect to spend working on the summer school course each day?

This will vary from student to student and from course to course, but in general students taking either Credit Recovery or Enrichment courses should expect to complete the equivalent of approximately 4 hours of work a day, 5 days a week, or a total of 20 hours a week over the four-week course, to complete the course on schedule.

What hours will my student attend Summer School at Pearson Online Academy?

Because Pearson Online Academy is an online school, students have enormous flexibility about when they “attend” classes. Students may engage in course work at whatever time (including evenings and weekends), and from whatever location(s), suits their individual needs. However, students should be aware that while they have great flexibility about when they complete their lessons, assignments, and assessments, they still must keep up with the assigned work by completing the equivalent of at least one day’s worth of lessons (as assigned in Pearson Online Classroom (formerly known as Connexus®), our education management system,) each day, 5 days a week, in order to complete the course on time. Also, access to teachers for questions, LiveLesson®, tutoring, etc. is generally limited to weekday daytime hours. Your student’s teacher will provide more information about his/her schedule on or prior to the first day of class.

Pearson Online Classroom will allow students to see their schedule, their lesson and assessment completion, and other data about their course work, which will help keep them on track to complete the work by the end of the session.

Who teaches students at Pearson Online Academy summer school?

Only certified teachers who are qualified in the subject area(s) which they are teaching are assigned to teach Pearson Online Academy Summer School students. In addition, Pearson Online Academy teachers are experienced in teaching in a virtual school environment and are familiar with Pearson Online Classroom and the curriculum.

Who is responsible for reading and grading students’ course work done at Pearson Online Academy summer school?

Pearson Online Academy students’ assignments and written work are evaluated solely by their assigned certified teacher(s) who review the work and then assign a grade. Other assessments are graded with help from the Connections Academy Learning Management System. Pearson Online Academy does not contract out the reading and grading of its students’ work.

Students and Learning Coaches will be able to see up-to-the-minute data on student grades, as well as lesson and assessment completion, through the Pearson Online Academy education management system.

How, and how often, will my student interact with his/her teacher and/or other students?

Students will communicate with their teacher primarily via phone and email, and teachers will also provide feedback to the student on assignments and assessments. The number and length of contacts will vary by course and student need. Depending on the course, students will also have the opportunity to interact with other students in a ‘virtual classroom’ setting via LiveLesson® technology.

What hours will my student’s teacher be available to my student?

Teachers hold virtual office hours 4 hours per day Monday–Friday. However, teachers are also flexible with their hours to accommodate student needs. Your student’s teacher will give detailed information about his/her “office hours” on or prior to the first day of school.

What if a student does not complete the work by the end of the session? Will he/she be given an extension?

Due to the limited amount of time in summer sessions, extensions are not recommended and will not be available past the final end date of Summer School.

What technology will my student need to participate in Pearson Online Academy summer school?

Your student will need the following technology in order to participate in Pearson Online Academy summer school. Students are required to provide their own computer equipment and must have high-speed Internet access.

What computer skills will my student need to participate in Pearson Online Academy Summer School?

Students who are familiar with Pearson Online Classroom, Connections Academy’s education management system are well-prepared to participate in Pearson Online Academy Summer School. If the student has never been enrolled in a Connections Academy school, he or she will need to know how to use the Internet, will need basic familiarity with Microsoft Office or similar programs, will need to become familiar with Pearson Online Classroom, and will need to be comfortable with overall computer use.

Upon registration for a course, students will be given login information and basic instructions on the use of Pearson Online Classroom. The Help icon within the education management system will also help answer some of the fundamental questions about Pearson Online Classroom.

Is Pearson Online Academy accredited?

Pearson Online Academy is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA), the Southern Association of Colleges & Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI) and has provisional accreditation from the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). Connections Academy is a division of Connections Education, which is accredited by AdvancED.

How do I register and pay for Pearson Online Academy Summer School Courses?

You have three easy options for registering:

  • Register online by visiting the Pearson Online Academy Online Store,
  • Call +1-888-260-4159 to speak to an Pearson Online Academy admissions advisor
  • Email POAadmissions@pearson.com and an Pearson Online Academy admissions advisor will contact you.

When do Summer School classes begin and end?

Enroll to start anytime between June 1st and July 6th. The last day of summer school is August 3rd.

Is financial aid available?

Check with your regular school to see if they have any financial aid resources for you to attend summer school. At this point, Pearson Online Academy is not able to provide financial aid directly to students.

What do current parents think about Pearson Online Academy?

Every year we ask Connections Academy families to rate our program. Our most recent survey results show that 93% of parents give our program a grade of A or B. Check out our latest parent survey results.

Why should I choose Pearson Online Academy for my summer school needs?

Pearson Online Academy is a fully-accredited school, providing dedicated teachers, top-notch curriculum, and unprecedented freedom to choose when and where you complete each day’s assignments, and yet with the accountability students need to succeed in a summer school setting. And using technology daily helps you sharpen your computer skills and become better prepared for college and work in the 21st century.

Will I receive a transcript?

Online summer school students taking high school courses should follow the Pearson Online Academy Transcript Release policy to request official summer transcripts. Unofficial transcripts can be printed via the grade book in Pearson Online Classroom.