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Summer High School Honors Online Courses

Students in our online summer high school honors courses can expect to work harder and commit more time to their studies. They will explore concepts in depth, engage in independent research, and sharpen their critical thinking skills. For example, honors English and history courses will require extra reading and writing assignments. Honors English may focus more on literary analysis and vocabulary, while honors history will study the people, events, and ideas that shaped the past. Students in each course will develop their ability to question, analyze, interpret information, and communicate ideas to others.

  • Honors Algebra I A
  • Honors Algebra I B
  • Honors Algebra II A
  • Honors Algebra II B
  • Honors Geometry A
  • Honors Geometry B
  • Honors Biology A
  • Honors Biology B
  • Honors English 9 A
  • Honors English 9 B
  • Honors English 10 A
  • Honors English 10 B
  • Honors English 11 A
  • Honors English 11 B
  • Honors English 12 A
  • Honors English 12 B
  • Honors American Government A
  • Honors American Government B
  • Honors U.S. History A
  • Honors U.S. History B
  • Honors World History A
  • Honors World History B

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