Amelia Mussachio

Amelia Mussachio

Amelia Mussachio is an Pearson Online Academy Summer School student. She is from Lockport, New York. Amelia and her family appreciated Pearson Online Academy’s flexible schedule because it allowed her to pursue her interests. Learn more about her experience at Pearson Online Academy below.

Amelia has attended Pearson Online Academy’s summer school program since the summer of 2014. Her mother, Katherine Mussachio, was interested in enrolling Amelia into the music course because she thought it would be a great starting point for her daughter to learn basic music and still have fun. When Katherine decided to enroll Amelia in the course, she was looking for a flexible schedule that would allow her daughter to travel and be involved in as many extracurricular activities as she would like.

In her spare time, Amelia participates in a variety of activities. This busy six-year-old takes four different styles of dance: tap, ballet, jazz, and acro. Amelia also plays the violin and takes ice-skating lessons. Katherine says, “Amelia really loves to learn, and she is pretty enthusiastic about everything, so she is also very successful in her local bricks-and-mortar school. However, the flexibility at Pearson Online Academy can’t be denied. As she grows busier with outside activities, it is something we continue to consider.”

In the future, Amelia plans to be a part of Disney on Ice and become a veterinarian.

My favorite thing about Pearson Online Academy is summer school because I get to learn something new every year.
— Amelia