Daphné Doucet

Daphne Doucet

Daphné Doucet is a student at Pearson Online Academy. She lives with her family in the Bahamas. Daphné’s younger sister, Arianne, also attends Pearson Online Academy. Daphné values Pearson Online Academy’s supportive teachers and interactive courses. Learn more about her story below.

Daphné enrolled with Pearson Online Academy in the 2014–15 school years. She was interested in Pearson Online Academy because she wanted a flexible schedule that would allow her and her family to travel to Quebec, Canada, their hometown. Prior to enrolling in Pearson Online Academy, Daphné attended a traditional school in Anguilla, located in the eastern Caribbean. Her mother, Danielle Gauthier, says, “In 2014, we found the perfect school for our girls. Pearson Online Academy allows our family to move from island to island and maintain stability while our daughters obtain a good education.”

Daphné’s favorite subject is science—she’s fascinated with chemistry, and loves to do experiments. Since Daphné met her social studies teacher, Mrs. Brenchley, she has also developed an interest in social studies. “Daphné enjoys the way Mrs. Brenchley teaches history. It helps her have a better understanding of what happened in the past,” Danielle states.

The ability to speak with her teachers one-on-one helps Daphné a lot. She loves to be in contact with her teachers, and never hesitates to call them or send a WebMail when needed. LiveLesson® sessions are very interesting for Daphné because she enjoys being able to share her passion about dolphins and anime with other students, as well as with her teachers. Danielle explains, “The majority of the Pearson Online Academy teachers are very helpful, especially Mrs. Brenchley, who was very reassuring. I love the fact that we can move and travel without disturbing the quality and stability of the education. I also appreciate that the students have more one-on-one time with their teacher than they do at a traditional school—it is really helpful for them.”

When Daphné is not doing schoolwork, she is learning more about Japanese animation, attending swim club twice a week, and meeting with the Friends of the Environment Club. Daphné also spends time with her friends by going to the beach, bicycling, and having sleepovers.

After Daphné graduates from Pearson Online Academy, she would like to attend McGill University in Montreal, Canada. In the future, Daphné wants to be an animator for Disney or work with Vocaloid in Japan.

I love Pearson Online Academy because I can travel more often than I used to. We also have the advantage of being able to advance ourselves in our academics so we can travel.
— Daphné