Lana Fuqua

Lana Fuqua

Lana Fuqua is a high school student at Pearson Online Academy. She lives in Abbeville, Alabama, where she was named “Teen Miss Southeast Alabama.” Lana greatly appreciates Pearson Online Academy’s flexible scheduling for allowing her to keep up with her busy lifestyle. Learn more about her story below:

Lana has had a passion for dance since the age of three. As a dancer at Patti Rutland Jazz, a professional dance company, Lana is required to train at the studio 31 hours a week and participate in three annual shows. After considering various schooling options and enrolling her in an Pearson Online Academy forensics summer course, the Fuqua family decided that Pearson Online Academy was the best fit to accommodate Lana’s rigorous dance schedule and maintain a high-quality education.

Lana previously attended a local traditional school with her 11-year-old sister, but didn’t feel she was being challenged enough. Her mother, Veronica Myers-Fuqua, says, “We were looking for a program that would provide a flexible schedule and allow Lana to move ahead when needed. She would come home from her bricks-and-mortar school with no homework because she was usually ahead of everyone else and would complete her homework during her fourth period.”

Lana enjoys Pearson Online Academy’s wide-range of courses, supportive teachers, and LiveLesson® sessions. She also loves being able to learn at her own pace and complete schoolwork from all over the country as she travels to pursue her passion. Lana’s favorite subjects are her honors science courses because she aspires to become a criminal investigator. “Pearson Online Academy is different than the bricks-and-mortar schools that I previously attended because the teachers, students, and staff are from all over the world. When I need to ask a question, I can easily call one of my teachers and they are always eager to help,” she says.

When she’s not dancing, Lana keeps herself busy with other enjoyable activities including modeling, volunteering with the Red Cross, and participating in pageants.

After Lana graduates from Pearson Online Academy, she plans to attend Florida State University to pursue an undergraduate degree in criminology and criminal justice, with a minor in dance.

I love Pearson Online Academy because of the flexibility and easy access to teachers. They are always available and ready to help in any way that they can.
— Lana