Mis actividades

Lo que nos gusta


¿Qué te gusta hacer?

Someone is drawing on a clipboard.

Like many people in the Spanish-speaking world and other cultures, I like to keep busy during my free time. I like to do many activities, or actividades. I really enjoy playing and watching all kinds of sports, and I love to read. Of course, I also love spending time with family, familia, and friends, or amigos. We especially like to go out to eat. I love trying different foods and I eat everything!

People in the Spanish-speaking world love to do all kinds of activities. I think you will see that we like to do a lot of activities that people all over the world like to do, too.

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You can see that people in Spain and Latin America like to do a lot of activities that people in other countries like to do, too. Below are some activities that many people like to do.

Select the play button to listen to some activities in Spanish. Then practice saying each one aloud. What do you notice about the pronunciation?

English Spanish Sound
to draw dibujar
to write stories escribir cuentos
to go to school ir a la escuela
to play the guitar tocar la guitarra
to spend time with friends pasar tiempo con amigos
to run correr
to listen to music escuchar música
to play video games jugar videojuegos
to swim nadar

CA Logo Tip: In Spanish, there are several different words for the English word play. We use practicar with deportes to mean play sports. We use tocar with instruments, such as la guitarra, to mean play the guitar. We use jugar with videojuegos to mean play video games. Down

Whenever I meet new people, I like to ask them what they like to do. Often, we find some things in common. If not, it sure makes for a great conversation!

It is easy to ask someone what he or she likes to do in Spanish. We say, “¿Qué te gusta hacer?

Select the audio button to hear the question in Spanish. Then practice saying it aloud.

English Spanish Sound
What do you like to do? ¿Qué te gusta hacer?

To answer, you can say what you like or do not like to do by using the verb gustar. Gustar is a verb in Spanish that is loosely translated as like, but a more accurate translation is to be pleasing.

You can say “Me gusta_______,” or “No me gusta _______,” followed by an infinitive verb, similar to English:

I like + infinitive. I like to draw.
Me gusta + infinitive. Me gusta dibujar.

So when I say, “Me gusta dibujar” I am really saying, “Drawing is pleasing to me.”

Me in Spanish is to me.

You can add a mí at the beginning for emphasis, but the meaning is really the same.

Me gusta pasar tiempo con amigos = A mí me gusta pasar tiempo con amigos.

Select the play buttons to listen to some Spanish words and phrases that can help you talk about the activities that you like and do not like to do. Then practice saying them aloud.

English Spanish Sound
I like _______. Me gusta _______.
I don't like _______. (A mí) no me gusta _______.

You can use the words y (and) and también (also, too) to talk about more than one activity that you like.

For example: Me gusta dibujar y escribir cuentos. I like to draw and write stories.
Me gusta dibujar. También me gusta escribir cuentos. I like to draw. I also like to write stories.

Select the play buttons to listen to the Spanish words for and and also.

English Spanish Sound
and y
also también

CA Logo Tip: You can add the word también at the beginning or end of the sentence. Down